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Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development, Web3, Datacenter and Cloud-Computing - Web & IT Services


Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.


Understand your customers by bringing all of your data together so you can explore, gain intelligence and inform strategies to enhance business performance.


Access to high-quality information and advice is central to making the best choices for your business.

Datacenter Services

Increase added value for your company – we will make your IT more efficient and your business more agile. Ask for our Web, E-Mail, DNS and Database Hostings.

Software Development

We have the skills, expertise and experience to help you meet your delivery targets and exceed your clients' expectations. CRM, ERP, CMS and much more.


Outsourcing offers not only a one-time cost advantage, but is an effective ongoing strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages.

IT and Cybersecurity

In a world increasingly permeated by digital technologies, Information Technology (IT) assumes an ever more vital role. Simultaneously, the threat to our digital living spaces is growing exponentially. Hence, IT security is of paramount importance, and its significance cannot be emphasized enough.

axanet GmbH specializes in the development of cutting-edge security solutions aimed at mitigating the constantly expanding threats within the digital sphere. With our dedicated team of experts and innovative technologies, we are focused on safeguarding our customers from the diverse risks they face in the digital age.

Our tailored IT security solutions encompass protection against cyberattacks, including firewall and intrusion detection systems, along with advanced encryption technologies.

Need Help?

Our support team consists of skilled supporters and technical engineers who can assist you with IT-related issues. The team provides onsite as well as remote support to clients based anywhere in the world. All of our supporters and technical engineers have extensive experience in working with all kinds of information technology systems.

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